This year I decided to follow the official Inktober guide, but in an impromptu twist it turned into a (slightly disturbing) pinup theme.

Day 1: Gargoyle
Day2: Scurry
Day 3: Bat
Day 4: Scallop
Day 5: Flame (on)
Day 6: Bouquet
Day 7: Trip
Day 8: Match
Day 9: Nest
Day 10: Crabby
Day 11: Eagle
Day 12: Forget
Day 13: Kind
Day 14: Empty

I present Schrödinger’s d*ck in a box.

1. Cut a hole in a box
2. Stick your junk in that box
3. It’s a quantum paradox of superposition; the box is empty and full at the same time. There’s only one way to find out which outcome is true! And that’s the way you do it!
Day 15: Armadillo
Day 16: Fowl
Day 17: Salty
Day 18: Scrape
Day 19: Ponytail
Day 20: Bluff

Who else could be the master of deception other than Mystique?
Day 21: Bad Dog
Day 22: Heist

He stole all the burgers!
Day 23: Booger (Man)
Day 24: Fairy

Tori Amos as the queen of the fairies, with inspiration from her Sleeps with Butterflies video.
Day 25: Tempting

Oh, she’s a tempting temptress!
Day 26: Ego

Don’t ask him what you want to do tonight.
Day 27: Snack
Day 28: Camping
Day 29: Uh-Oh!

For those who are old enough to remember the good ol’ days of ICQ.
Day 20: Gear

Gender Bender
Day 31: Farm

Got milk? Her milkshake brings all the pigs to the yard.