Part Designer

Part Coder

100% Nerd

I’m an artist, graphic/UX designer and front-end web developer from Hamilton, Ontario. I bring over 20 years’ of creativity and experience to the table. I have a passion for art, design and coding, and all things comic book and geeky.

My first passion was fine art, but my analytical brain loves problem solving and coding. Having this duality of left and right brain has given me a very diverse skillset, from website wireframing, to website design/development, graphic design, social media, and email marketing. What I love about working in web is that I am able to merge both creative and analytical sides of my brain. While creating the visual aspect of a website I am simultaneously figuring out how I will code the design in my head.

I’ve had many different jobs over the years and have worked for many different types of companies. My first job out of high school was working in a factory building circuit boards. My first design/development job was with a financial publishing company, designing print newsletters and building client websites. I did that for for five years, then decided to up and move to Hamilton, Ontario for a marketing manager position for a financial planning company, there I worked for several years. I’ve also freelanced as a side hustle—even did it full-time for a while. I have also spent several years working for both large and small agencies.

Currently I am working full-time for Thinkr Marketing Group, in Ancaster, as a website developer. Check us out, we’re a super cool and talented bunch!

Outside of work life I can be found striking up the alleys at Splitsville. For over 10 years I’ve been a member of The Golden Horseshoe Bowling League (GHBL), Hamilton’s only LGBT2Q+ league. I have been a member of their executive for nearly just as long as their Social Media and Webmaster. I’m also on the executive for our charity bowling tournament, Hamilton Invitational No-Tap Tournament (HINT), where we raise money for the AIDS Network of Hamilton. Currently, I’m also Vice President of my condo board. Apparently, I like to keep busy, no rest for the wicked, they say!