Heather has been a client of mine for many years, back when she was a wedding photographer and now as she’s made a name for herself in Real Estate.

Old Logo
New Logo

In 2019 I was hired to create a website for Heather’s new Real Estate venture. While we were discussing the project I suggested we tweak her branding to help give her a more polished look and set some branding standards. Keeping in line with the same minimal aesthetics of her old logo, I created a more modern and clean logo with better hierarchy of text.

The challenge of this project was to bring clarity to some chaos, to take three of Heather’s websites: her former photography site and blog, her personal Real Estate site, and her Agent site and combining them all into one website.

I achieved this goal by creating a clean and modern website with a focus on her Real Estate carrier. I was able to pull her real estate listings from her CREA database, and I gave her blog a modern design overhaul and keep wedding photography information as a secondary item.