Mika Tomac Counselling Services

Client: Mika Tomac
Website: www.mikatomac.com

This project will always have special place in my heart. With any project I undertake, part of my job is to connect with the client to find out who they are, what they are about, and what they like. I then take this information and use my skills to create something the client will love, as well as something that best represents who they are and the services they offer. Rarely does it happen that you connect with a client so well that it is like you know what they want before ever talking to them about the project and you are literally one step ahead. This was one of those rare and wonderful moments. As we talked on the phone to arrange a time and place to meet I was already having logo and colour ideas dance around in my head, so I sketched them out on some scrap pieces of paper. A few days later we met to discussed the project in full detail, it was quite uncanny how spot on I was with what she was requesting. I cherish moments like that; they are rare and somewhat magical.

Mika Tomac approached me to design a logo, business card, brochure, and website for her counselling services. She wanted the overall look to feel warm, peaceful, and inviting.

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